Shapes, details, materials and techniques – these are my passions in art. Of course, I’m impressed by the way each artwork takes its place in art history and the story behind them, but I love to be immersed in the finer details within the artworks. I create pieces that beg for a closer look myself. Abstract art provides me with free rein to experiment with materials and techniques, whose results I can utilize in my figurative art. While my abstract paintings are shaped by momentary decisions and free fluency, I consider my figurative pieces more like project works. Their essence is stratified by the transparency and covering of different kinds of colored lacquers, glues, spraypainted and embroidered surfaces.  Using these technical experiments, I started to incorporate the human body during my last years at the university. The human body is one of Nature’s perfectly and proportionately designed system. However, I did not merely want to depict human bodies. Instead, I attempt to alter and challenge the beholder’s mind. I draw inspiration from different theories of visual psychology, such as Gestalt theory, optical illusions and the way human brain simplifies and selects information to get a simple answer to the question: What am I seeing here?

/Alexandra Hegedűs/