Alexandra Hegedűs is a Hungarian visual artist born in 1991 in a small town called Csongrád and raised in Szeged. She went to Tömörkény István High School, one of the most significant art institutes in Hungary. She learned painting, drawing, textile art and art history. Her idea was to study three-dimensional fiber art after graduating secondary school. Unable to find opportunities to continue her studies in this field, Hegedűs enrolled in the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts at the University of Pécs. During the university years, Hegedűs deepened her knowledge in painting, art history, art psychology and artistic anatomy among others. She spent a semester at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She also participated in several exhibitions in Pécs, Budapest, other cities in Hungary, and neighboring countries. She won the third prize of XXXI National Conference of Scientific Students' Association (OTDK) in 2013, the Fundamenta Amadeus Scholarship in 2013 and 2014, the Ildikó Kriszbacher Scholarship in 2015, and the award of the New National Excellence Program in 2016. Thanks to support of the faculty such as Professor Péter Somody, Hegedűs started experimenting with paints and unusual non-artistic materials, which is one of her many interests. Despite majoring in painting, the topic of her thesis was focused on three-dimensional fiber art. After obtaining the master’s degree in visual arts, she studied art education at the same university, researching socialization in visual arts and museum education in collaboration with Janus Pannonius Museum and local schools. Hegedűs presented her Bodyscape Paintings at Reggeli Bar in 2017 in her solo show, Shape and Material.

Right after graduation she was hired by the Janus Pannonius Museum to lead summer workshops. At the end of the summer, she moved to the United States, where she spent the past two years volunteering at Milwaukee Jewish Day School as a teaching assistant in fine arts, leading workshops at Riverwest Artist Association, and volunteering at the visitor services of Milwaukee Art Museum. Hegedűs was exhibited at Riverwest Art Walk, an event with traditions that go back to the 70’s.

She just moved to Milan, Italy, where she recently was awarded by M.A.D.S. Gallery.



2019 M.A.D.S Critics Award and Exhibition, Milan, Italy

2018 RAA Annual Members' Exhibition & 53212 Studio and Gallery Walk, Jazz Gallery/RAA, Milwaukee, WI, USA

2016 Entrée 2016 – Graduation exhibition, Várkert Bazár, Budapest, Hungary

2016 Master and his disciples, Muzeja Slavonija, Osijek, Croatia

2016 DiploPort Graduation exhibition, m21 Gallery,  Zsolnay Quarter, Pécs & Mihály Babits Cultural Center, Szekszárd, Hungary

2016 ArtPort 20 – „Artem non odit nisi ignarus”, m21 Gallery, Zsolnay Quarter, Pécs, Hungary

2015 Living Castle, Castle Daniel, Talisoara, Romania

2014 Art Moments, Central European Visual Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary

2013 Exhibition of Fundamenta Amadeus Scholarship, Nádor Gallery, Pécs, Hungary

2013 Exhibition of XXXI. National Conference of Scientific Students' Association (OTDK), Eger, Hungary


2014 Experiments, VNA Gallery, Pécs, Hungary

2017 Shape and Material, Reggeli Bar, Pécs